EDF London Eye

EDF London Eye

The EDF Energy London Eye film was designed as a promotional DVD to sell the London Eye experience in foreign territories. Hi-Gloss Productions, with Sam Harvey as the director at the helm, employed Gareth Ward as jib operator and Director of Photography for the 3-day shoot.

Two days of principal photography were shot on Red MX and the third day was dedicated to pick-ups with a Canon EOS 5D MkII. The second day of shooting was allocated for some jib work in the morning and then followed by a few later shots at the end of the day.

We built the Jimmy Jib to 24 feet and had access right in front of the Eye, the boardwalk and Jubilee Gardens. Challenges for the jib day primarily focused around the crowded area. Moving a jib around safely took experienced hands and a loud voice. James Davis was jib technician for the day and his voice booms just at the right resonance to make sure the relocations were as smooth as possible.

We had a heavily-weighted Red MX with a single-channel Preston remote wireless follow focus system and a 12mm Ultra-Wide Cooke S4 Lens. It was certainly a long day and hard work, as the crew was on a tight schedule due to the nature of the Eye itself. The Eye rotates every 30 minutes, so, besides the difficulty of the shoot in the pods themselves, the Jimmy Jib build and shooting needed to be executed quickly. Often only a take or two was all the time we had before we needed to reposition or take off camera for shooting within the pods.

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