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Steadicam Operator

The Motion Mechanics can cost-effectively travel to all corners of the UK and Europe. With a Volkswagen Transporter specially designed for easy Jimmy Jib storage and removal, we can move fast to maximise your shooting time. Whether you’re shooting landscapes and buildings to presenter piece-to-cameras or drama performances, we’ll apply a sense of creativity and effectiveness to each and every shot.

We constantly strive to provide an excellent quality of shot with a professional and friendly attitude that will put you and your client at ease from the start of the production.

Steadicam Operators

– Gareth Ward, SOC (Jimmy Jib, Technocrane & Steadicam Operator)

For over 10 years Gareth Ward, SOC, has worked as a Jimmy Jib and Steadicam Operator on some of the biggest film and television productions in the world. He trained in Australia and takes great pride in the quality of his education. With one of the best camera operators and Directors of Photography in Australia as a mentor, Gareth developed a keen sense of camera language, and this has helped him on more than a few occasions. Many people can buy Jimmy Jibs and claim to operate but the psychology of the shot is something many operators seldom understand. Gareth can operate any type of remote head, from stand-alone systems to those attached on Jimmy Jibs and Technocranes.

Experience will get you the right shot the first time and this can only save you time and money. Click below to see Gareth’s CV:

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Marcus Pavett

Marcus started work at Dean Street Studios in 1987 and very soon moved into the camera team where he worked for numerous years. Since the early days, Marcus has worked for many production companies such as the BBC, Thames TV, MTV, LWT and Visions. He has worked on many high profile productions, ranging from live sports to royal weddings, pop promos to drama and filming anything on land and underwater. Marcus has gained a wide range of knowledge from grip work to camera and lighting skills and he enjoys all the different aspects of the industry. Known as a great team player, Marcus always exudes an enthusiasm for production that couples perfectly with his problem-solving nature.

James Davis

Since he got his first Meccano set at the age of 6 James knew he had a love for all things mechanical. It was only later in life, after spending several years in the grip and camera departments, that he really found the opportunity to put that passion to good use. As a Steadicam Operator, James always aims to be prepared for any and every scenario that may be encountered. He continually aims to minimise all potential technical/logistical obstructions, ensuring a safe and efficient day of shooting.

Chris Randak

Having trained at Axis Films (now part of Onsight), Chris has gained an in-depth knowledge and understanding of digital cameras, ranging from DSLRs to high-end cameras such as Epic and Alexa. Chris has spent five years as a freelance camera assistant and, specifically, as a focus puller. Over the years Chris has worked with a wide variety of equipment, locations and talented crew, learning his trade from experienced and well-respected operators and DoPs alike. This has stood him in good stead as he has developed the skills and etiquette required on any professional production. Chris has been  assisting Steadicam Operators for a number of years now and takes great pride in being part of a team that helps achieve shots with high production value while providing a safe environment on set.
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